The purpose of our services is to enhance individual’s well-being and help meet basic and complex needs in their pursuit of happiness.

The Resource Lady

Community resource specialists who work with individuals to assist with linkage to specific resources within the community.

Resources may include:



Mentoring Service

Services designed for children and teens to become engaged, empowered, and evolved through mentorship!

Soaring Eagles


Tutoring Service

Specialized tutoring to help impact a student’s academic performance & boost confidence!

Rite of Passage


Adult Transitioning Service

Service designed to teach the first steps for transitioning youth into adulthood and self-sufficiency!

Seeds for Change


Substance Abuse Group

The only thing harder than beating addiction is doing it alone. This group allows for a safe space to fight the disease together!

One Voice


Advocate Service

Advocates ready to take action, speak out, argue for, support, and defend on behalf of you!

M.O.R.E Group


Support Group

Motivating Oneanother to Reach Elevation is a support group designed for those who have a deep desire to start their entrepreneurial journey!

Therapeutic Life Coaching


Goal Directed Service

Therapeutic Life Coaching works on “how” to work toward a goal by sitting in the space between therapy and coaching; integrating key principles of Solution-Focus Brief, Mindfulness, and Life Coaching Skills!

Financial Freedom


Financial Literacy Workshops

Workshops aimed to help improve individuals’ financial literacy, including but not limited to credit building, spending habits, managing and reducing debt, & growing your savings.



Parent Support Group

Parents Assisting Parents (PAPs) is a group open to all parents,  that focuses on the support and guidance from one parent to another!